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Me Myself I G Eazy Bebe Rexha
Friends And Lovers G. Loring / C. Anderson
Ugly Heart G.R.L.
Power Of Love Gabielle Aplin
Sweet About Me Gabriella Cilmi
On A Mission Gabriella Cilmi
Warm This Winter (No Harmony) Gabriella Cilmi
Warm This Winter (With Harmony) Gabriella Cilmi
Save The Lies (Good To Me) Gabriella Cilmi
Stay The Same Gabrielle
Ten Years Time Gabrielle
Out Of Reach Gabrielle
Why Gabrielle
Rise Gabrielle
Aplin Home Gabrielle
Dreams Gabrielle
Donīt Need The Sun To Shine (to make me smile) Gabrielle
Should I Stay Gabrielle
Sunshine Gabrielle
The Power Of Love Gabrielle Aplin
Panic Cord Gabrielle Aplin
Please Donīt Say You Love Me Gabrielle Aplin
Lighters (The One) Gabz
Freed From Desire Gala
Runaway (U I) Galantis
No Money Galantis
Big fun Gap Band
You Dropped A Bomb On Me Gap Band, The
Stupid Girl Garbage
You Look So Fine Garbage
Temtation Waits Garbage
Suspicious Minds Gareth Gates
What My Heart Wants To Say Gareth Gates
Any One Of Us Gareth Gates
Spirit In The Sky Gareth Gates
Unchained Melody Gareth Gates
Say It Isn?t So Gareth Gates
Sunshine Gareth Gates
Cry Baby Garnet Mimms/Enchanters
Against The Grain Garth Brooks
Callinī Baton Rouge Garth Brooks
Ainīt Goinī Down (ītil The Sun Comes Up) Garth Brooks
Ainīt Going Down Garth Brooks
American Honky Tonk Bar Association Garth Brooks
That Olī Wind Garth Brooks
The Red Strokes Garth Brooks
Long Neck Bottle Garth Brooks
Night I Called The Old Man Out, The Garth Brooks
Papa Loved Mama Garth Brooks
What Sheīs Doing Now Garth Brooks